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Personal Data Policy

Dear User of the service "WeAreFamily",

The current application of ARX.NET, "WeAreFamily", requires with the registration, the User, namely the parent or a holder of the parental responsibility over the child, to enter personal data (Name, Surname and e-mail), and also with the entry for use the application can insert contacts of the child with personal data of third parties.

With continued use of this application, additional personal data is generated, such as: history of calls, messages, positions & locations, photos, and use, such as use of the device for games.

The above personal data is collected exclusively within the framework of the use of the specific “WeAreFamily” service that aims to protect children.

ARX.NET as Controller of processing personal data in the context of the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, processes the above personal data by storing them for an indefinite period in appropriate storage systems with strictly controlled and limited access, all necessary security measures for their integrity, confidentiality and availability. ARX.NET does not make any prior disclosure of the above personal data to third parties.

Also, the User, as a subject of personal data, has the possibility to make use of specific rights relating to the processing of his or her personal data under Regulation 679 / 2016. In this respect, the User can study the public policy of ARX.NET for the protection of personal data on its website (www.arx.net), where he can also find the forms to be used. In addition, the User has the right to withdraw his consent to be provided as follows.

In order to register and use the "WeAreFamily" service, you must agree on ALL the following:

  • I declare that I am aware of and agree to the above terms of processing of my personal data I submit for registration and use of the WeAreFamily service.
  • I declare that if the application is not for a child but for an adult, I am committed to inform him about the use of this particular application.
  • I agree with the above terms of processing by ARX.NET of the personal data that can be generated when using the WeAreFamily service by the user.
  • I declare that I am fully aware that the use of the service WeAreFamily may create additional personal data of third parties which I must properly protect against disclosure.
If the use of the service “WeAreFamily” involves a child, then the User is required to declare responsibly the following:

  • Finally, I declare that I legally have the parental responsibility of the child involved in the use of the service "WeAreFamily".